Hygiene Factors

Inside the company can not be denied that health factors (hygiene factors) is very important to their workplace, where these factors affect the performance of the company to produce goods or services. but if none of these factors will give rise to dissatisfaction for the workers who work in the company. examples of health factors (hygiene factors) include salaries, personal life, quality of supervision, working conditions, job security, personal relationships, policies and administration of the company. According to Herzberg factor hygienic / extrinsic factor will not promote the interest of the employees to form it is good, but if these factors are considered can not be satisfactory in a variety of things such as salaries inadequate, working conditions unpleasant, these factors can be a source of discontent potential (Cushway & Lodge, 1995: 139). Therefore, managers who wish to eliminate factors that cause dissatisfaction factor creating a harmonious working better than motivating. And will make the employees feel comfortable to work and productivity increases, employees will feel valued by their hygiene factor and will do their best for the company in return.

I think the hygiene factor (health factor) is very important for a company to promote his company, Hygiene factors are indispensable, especially employees who are inside the party interennya. Where to create the working atmosphere in a comfortable and peaceful so that personal relationships will be established harmony.